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New Alchemy Photography

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! As someone who has experienced providing professional photography services for over three decades, I continue to marvel at the incredible technology transition that this profession demonstrates, making some things infinitely easier while simultaneously providing a challenge in taking advantage of the constantly improving digital tools. With all of this, I continue to find that my experience that began with film and manual cameras is extraordinarily valuable in its application to digital images, including video, and the flexible ways I am able to conceptualize services to my clients. I hope you find these pages useful and if you would like further information that your inquiries (by phone, website or messenger) are welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.
What We Do


Within all of these subcategories, there are two major aspects of effective people photography that I have always found to be primary. One is an understanding of lighting, whether it be natural or artificial. The second is working to make the subject as comfortable and natural as possible while simultaneously ensuring that we achieve the most complementary interaction between the camera and them. Within this category, video is also available and if that is an interest, please indicate that with your inquiry.

This type of photography includes several different topic areas, including product photography suitable for editorial or advertising, business promotions (including architectural, business processes and individual employees), and location options for businesses that provide services off site. Video options are available for some of these services as well.

These are largely art photographs that are suitable for prints or to be framed. They are available in various sizes and can be matted and framed depending upon the end desires of the consumer. More photographs of this type can be viewed on Instagram at newalchemyphotographyLLC. If interested in one or several, please feel free to reach out for a quote.